Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let Them Be Kids!

Parents these days are feeling more pressure than ever to raise the "perfect child". Technology may be to blame for this increased pressure. Especially in an an age of social media like facebook and instagram, parents are constantly posting about the accomplishments of their kids, putting up the best pictures of them succeeding in various fields. This excessive posting is a great example of lateral classism amongst neighbors and it is making for an uber competitive environment that did not exist years ago.

One mother named Jennifer Blakely decided she had had enough of this intense bragging on social media and wanted to shine a more real light on the nature of being a child. As a result, she began a photo campaign called "Let Them Be". This series illustrates children showing their real emotions and being goofy: "I created these images with the intent of showing kids being kids: free from pressure, free from judgment and just allowing them to express themselves in a safe environment," said Blakely in an interview with CNN. Some pictures from this series are shown below: 

It is refreshing to see someone who wants to capture kids being kids in their raw form. I think that this is a great movement. 

Overall though, parents need to be putting down their phones and focussing on their children. It is so much more important to live in the moment and I think that is becoming something that is harder and harder to do with the increased involvement of technology in our daily lives. Families should be able to focus on family fun and not have it always turn into a photo shoot to show off. 

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